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You need to know the following before you complete your business plan: 

  • the funding amount and repayment period
  • what your business will sell and for how much
  • the marketing strategy, eg online advertising and market analysis, eg competitors
  • who the management team is and how you will run your business as an operation
  • the projected business revenue for at least the first year of business
  • when you expect the business to break even

Business Plan

startup name
Is you startup already incorporated - e.g. LLC, LLP,LP?
Startup details:
The starup is:
, a company incorporated in country under registration number registration number (CRN) whose registered office is at address
Startup owner:
The startup owner is:
name of address
Add business name
1. Executive summary
_____ is a company , specialising in describe specialises within the industry name industry.
2. Management team
Role: describe
Experience: describe
Education: describe
Skills: describe
Gaps: describe
Add member of management team
3. Investors
_____ has no investors.
Add investor
The startup offers
4. Business overview
- description ;
Add next product
Unique selling points:
- ;
Add next
5. Objectives
Short term (current year):
- description ;
Add next
Medium term (next 1 – 2 years):
- description ;
Add next
Long term (3 years and beyond):
- ;
Add next
6. Target customers
Target customers description:
- ;
Add next
How many potential customers do you estimate are in your target regions for this financial year?
What customer need or problem does your products address?
- ;
Add next need or problem
Explain your approach to pricing your products :
- ;
Add next
What research have you conducted to understand your market, including your industry, regions, customers, competitors?
Surveys and questionnaires;
Focus groups;
Desk or online research;
Market testing;
Trade fairs or exhibitions;
Met with suppliers;
Personal experience;
Social media research;
Mystery shopping competitors;
Add next
We intend to use the following marketing techniques:
- Online marketing;
- Social marketing;
- PR;
- Direct mail;
- Direct sales;
- Phone selling;
- Point-of-sale advertising;
- Guerilla marketing;
- Outdoor advertising;
- Print advertising;
- TV advertising;
- Radio advertising;
Add marketing technique
7. Financial overview
Financial Requirements:
Total funding required: by words
Investment Categories:
Equipment or machinery;
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Types of staff required:
- ;
Add another type of staff
Types of service suppliers required:
- ;
Equipment or machinery required:
- ;
Add equipment or machinery
Licences required:
- ;
Add licence
Insurance required:
- Product liability;
- Public liability;
- Environmental liability;
- Employers liability;
- Professional indemnity;
Add another insurance
Expected repayment period: .
Expected Investment Return: %.
How many years you want to project?
8. Projected Profit and Loss
Year one
Expected turnover in first year of trading: by words
Expected Manufacturing Costs: by words
Other Costs: by words
Tax Rate: %
Expected profit in first year of trading: by words
Average prices:
Add next competitor
Your strengths:
- ;
Add next strength
Your weaknesses:
- ;
Add next weakness
Current or future opportunities:
- ;
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Current or future threats:
- ;
Add next threat
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