Create a Customized Permission for child to travel

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Consent letter for children travelling

Who is giving consent?
To whom it may concern,
I, name of address , telephone: , email: , am the parent of the following child:
name of address , date of birth , place of birth address ,
number of passport number , date of issue of passport , issuing authority of passport country ,
Birth certificate registration number number , issuing authority of birth certificate
This child has consent to travel
This child has my consent to travel alone.
I give my consent for this child to travel to:
Destination: name , travel dates: to , name at the following address address , telephone and email .
Signed before me on this
__________________________________ , day of
name of address , day of
signature of official
I want to be notified of approaching deadlines (GRATIS!)
The system will automatically notify you as deadlines in the agreement approach

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