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Why should lawyers work with Legito?

We will promote your law firm to your target customer segment.

Once you create a legal document, you will receive an ongoing share from its sale.

Thanks to Legito you'll be able to acquire new customers.

We assign a personal marketing specialist to you.

How does the cooperation with Legito work?


You create a legal document.


We pay for the advertisement of your documents while promoting your documents and services on our website.


You relax and receive a monthly payment in your bank account!

Are you interested to see what our customizable template looks like?

Show me an example of the template


No problem! You can try Legito for free until publication of your first legal document.

For sure you can. Some law firms which cooperate with Legito hire (or delegate) for drafting a customizable templates in Legito editor junior lawyers or experienced law students because attorneys or senior lawyers don't have time to learn how to use Legito editor.

Please remember that at the end you are responsible for legal correctness of your templates and you should supervise junior lawyers/students. They also don't have so much experience. Therefore you shall give them some advises which choices (selects/radios) could be made in certain template and which are what options.

We have good experience with this model of cooperation.

You choose which type(s) of legal document(s) you create. We are focused mainly on contracts, but our legal collection also contains actions, protocols, affidavits and other legal documents.

No, he/she cannot. Every document can be added only be added once for each country. If you create a general document (e.g. Contract for work), no other lawyer can create the same general document unless it serves for a specific situation.

No, the authors of the documents do not have any responsibilities. Neither if the customer uses the original document, nor if they modify it.

You will receive 10 % of the price of every template sold.

Furthermore, the lawyers in the state receive a 30 % commission from every user account sold. This payment is divided between lawyers dependent upon the number of legal documents from each lawyer the user has created.

You will set the price by choosing from the preset choices depending on the particular country.

We test to determine the optimal prices for the highest revenues.

Every lawyer has the exclusive right to offer their legal services as an add-on to their legal documents. Add-ons include:

  • Assessment of the correctness of the document personalized by the customer
  • Assessment of the revisions of the legal document made by the other contractual party
  • Creation (modification) of the legal document for a client

These add-ons are requested by customers through Legito. After the request is sent you can communicate with the customer directly.

Prices for the add-ons are set by you. Because Legito saves you so much time, your prices should be lower than the average market price for comparable legal services.

Customers pay for add-ons through our online payment system. The add-on is paid for by the customer before you receive a request for the add-on.

We charge 20 % of the payment as a transaction cost.

We've created a unique editor that allows you to create all legal documents. After you register into the system, you can assemble your template as easily as using building blocks.

Our cooperating lawyers create a legal document in our editor in two to four hours. Be aware that the first document may take you more time. But don't worry, you can use legal articles already in Legito for your document. We also provide an instructional video which explains how to work with our editor.

A personal marketing specialist works together with our whole marketing team to make sure that you'll earn the highest profits possible. Your personal specialist will provide you with a marketing analysis of your legal templates as well as an analysis of customer behavior. Your marketing specialist will also help you to choose optimal pricing and find the best way to promote you and your company.

Our marketing team is lead by Ms. Marketa Kabatova , an experienced online marketing expert with a history with companies such as Google and Webnode.

Marketa Kabatova


Next to each document you create will be your professional profile: name, photo, a short summary about you and link to your website.

Every email we send our customers contains the document as well as information about its creator.

If you write an article about the document, you can link the document within the article. Customers will be able to see your professional profile.

After you create your document, we will take care of the advertising and promotion.

We also build partnerships with online portals and other business partners that will promote your documents.

We also promote our services and legal documents through social networks.

We have experts in online marketing and social media who will bring your documents to the target audience.

If you'd like, we can provide you a login to our Google Analytics which we use to measure our conversion rates.

Feel free to contact us through any of the contacts listed below.

David Nemec

Project manager

Ondrej Materna

Founder & CEO

It's super easy and quick. Just sign up to Legito below and choose the documents you want to create.

Do you have any further questions?

David Nemec

Project manager

„I see lawyers like artists. I believe that every artist wants to create a work that could be proudly shown. Every artist wants to create their own Mona Lisa. I see Legito as a gallery - a gallery of law. Every lawyer can exhibit here, our gallery is open to you. I would be happy if you joined us!“

Ondrej Materna
Founder & CEO
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